Who we are

Bethany Baptist Church is a Christ-centered community of believers chasing after God's heart for the lost and hurting. 

Our Pastor

Pastor Wayne is a Cincinnati area native. He was born and raised in the Northern Kentucky area. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University, where he met his wife Sara. They were married on June 2, 2001. They have two children Elizabeth and Anakin. He received his Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and his Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary. Pastor Wayne has been in ministry since 2002. He started youth ministry in 2002 and has been serving in a lead pastor role since 2014. He has served in Kentucky, Illinois, and now in Ohio. In June 2019, he accepted the call to pastor Bethany Baptist Church. He sees the church as a family united in our purpose to worship Jesus and serve his kingdom. Contact Pastor Wayne at pastorwayneyeager@gmail.com.

Our Associate Pastor

Shawn Watson has served churches in southwestern Ohio since 1991.  Shawn has done about everything in ministry except lead singing, and that he should never do . . . ever.  He is married to Kelli and they have three children Micah, Aaron, and Lydia.  

Shawn's responsibilities at Bethany include serving under the leadership of Pastor Wayne to move us into the mission of the church - inviting people to new life in Jesus as we love God, grow as a family, and live on mission.  He is thankful to be serving at Bethany where the church is ready to embrace change to engage people with the gospel.

Contact Pastor Shawn at PastorShawnW@gmail.com

Our Worship Leader

Jeff Staton has been a lifelong worshipper. From childhood days attending Sunday school and summer vacation Bible school, singing and worshipping together was a natural response to our God who created us and gave his Son for us. He and his siblings traveled to churches at home and abroad singing gospel music. He has served as a minister of music and worship leader most of his adult life. Jeff, his wife, Lisa, and children, Jonathan and Suella consider it an honor to join and serve the Bethany family at a pivital time in its revitalization campaign. 

Contact Jeff at Jeffrey.Staton@outlook.com

Our Vision

At Bethany Baptist we exist to invite people to new life in Jesus as we love God, grow as a family, and live on mission.

Our Mission

The Baptist Church's mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. The church also seeks to promote fellowship and unity among Christians. Additionally, the Baptist Church strives to promote social justice and care for the poor and needy.

Our Goal

We believe that baptism is an important part of a person's journey with God, and so we make it a priority to offer this to anyone who is seeking it. We also recognize that baptism is a significant decision, and so we take care to ensure that each person is fully prepared before taking the plunge. We provide information and guidance on what baptism entails, as well as prayer and support throughout the process.